We started back on 18 January and love our new songs for this term – Lean on Me; John Anderson My Jo and White Winter Hymnal and more. Looking forward to performing them on 15 April in the beautiful Cathedral of the Isles on Millport. Remember, new members can join throughout a term.

Largs Community Choir welcomes singers aged 18 or over, of all levels of ability and experience, who would enjoy singing without musical accompaniment in three or four parts harmonies.

We formed in September 2012 and our choir leader, Harry Campbell, has been with us since April 2013.  The emphasis of our group is to learn our songs by ear. There is no requirement to read music and there are NO AUDITIONS.

We meet in Brisbane Evangelical Church Hall, Largs on Thursdays at 6.45pm- 8.45pm (Rehearsal dates).

We sing in a semi-circle rather than in a chorus formation so that everyone can see and hear the harmonies for themselves.  Our choir leader teaches us by repetition which gives us freedom to sing out without paper copies in front of us. Lyrics are usually available on a flip chart.  Rehearsals are friendly and relaxed and members are encouraged to try out different voice parts as they wish. We have a varied repertoire from the UK, Africa and around the world including Gospel, Folk and pop classics.

All choir members are very friendly and welcoming and every Thursday night is a fun night. Although we are different from a traditional choir, we do work hard and get good results. When we finish rehearsing, there is an open invite to end the evening in the Anchor Bar which is a chance to chat with other choir members.

Current fees are £30 per term.  We request fees are paid upfront however it is recommended that potential members come along for their 1st rehearsal as a trial before committing to payment.

Once you join our choir, song parts and words are available via the ‘members only’ section of this website for those who wish to practise at home.

Our last performance was at our Coffee Morning on 4 November 2017.