Sailing O’er to Cumbrae

Sailing O’er to Cumbrae


Armorel Allen

A little ditty in celebration of our recent weekend in Millport, staying at the beautiful Cathedral of The Isles

Sailing o’er to Cumbrae, in a spot of rain.

On the bus to Millport, here we go again.

Not a massive number, just enough to sing.

Bringing booze and goodies, for our Autumn fling.

So to the Cathedral. Up the steps so sheer.

Scones and tarts were ready. Lovely welcome there.

Checked accommodation, nice and warm and clean.

Back into the library, ready for a sing.

Harry got us marshalled and moved the seats around.

Warmups were perfected, faces smiled and frowned.

Into our four sections, soon we made a sound.

Cheese and macaroni, waiting to be downed.

Thus, the weekend progressed – singing spaced by food.

Wonderfully catered, to leave it would be rude.

At the evening social, the quiz made us all think.

And some bawdy ditties – it drove us all to drink!

Sunday morning early, the rain had gone away.

Enormous Scottish breakfasts started up the day.

After we had practiced and mastered harmony

It was nearly lunchtime. But first a cup of tea.

Back into the library, we gathered here once more.

Singing parts and plainsong- it’s what we came here for.

Into church we ventured, having first  been fed,

Sang in the cathedral. Harry, of course, led.

After all the thankyous, Sue filled up her car.

Roderick, Bob and Derek and also the guitar.

Down the path the others headed for the bus.

Got onto the ferry- Largs without a fuss.