Covid Guidance as we return to rehearsals

Hi All

I hope you are all well and as excited as me at the prospect of returning to rehearsals in person.
Just a few points re Covid 19 security.

  • We do not insist that anyone attending should be double vaccinated, nor is it a condition of the hire of the hall.
  • This does mean that some of our members for all sorts of reasons may not be themselves doubly vaccinated so good commonsense procedures as in any indoor public place should apply. This would include wearing face coverings while moving about the space and keeping a 1m distance. 
  • Only the disabled toilet will be accessible.
  • Only essential use of the kitchen will be allowed e.g. adjusting boiler or collecting cleaning materials.
  • We will endeavour to allow for a throughput of air, weather permitting, either by opening the rear door or using the extractor fans.
  • At the end of the session, the hall should be restored to how we found it, including putting chairs in their starting positions against the walls. 
  • Any surfaces that have been touched including door handles/ chair frames etc should be wiped as far as is practicable. The hall convenor will provide the equipment for this. 
  • Please consider using lateral flow tests regularly as advised by the government but also bear in mind that negative results are not a guarantee of not having contracted Covid 19. ( A positive result is almost definitely accurate.)
  • Please also be mindful that some of our members may have compromised immune systems or may be in poor health. so if you are exhibiting any symptoms, or there may be even the slightest chance that you have been in contact with the virus, please stay away. Please also let us know if at any point you test positive for the virus or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. 
  • We will keep the attendance list plus contact details as part of a track and trace system.
  • Could we ask that any payments to the choir account be made via the BACs system as far as possible? The purpose of this is both to avoid any risk of transferring the virus via cash/ notes/cheques but also to minimize the need for visits to the bank. 

Please be aware that these guidelines are just that. This is very much uncharted territory for all of us. They will be reviewed regularly and adjusted as necessary. Please don’t hesitate to speak to the committee if you have any suggestions or concerns.
Thank you.Looking forward to a term of happy singing !
Sue xx